Change of address!

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Sorry for the inconvenice, but on behalf of Fixed Gear Geneva we have decided to change our address, so we are more free in the customization of our blog etc etc here is the link to the newly revised Fixed Gear Geneva Blog…fixedgeargeneva.



Liverpool Bike Check

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Pretty dope long bike check in the middle of nowhere. With a few little tricks at the end!

Owe Accessoire Urban

•February 11, 2010 • 1 Comment

Ludovic Bourrilly. Photo taken by Pepy Todeschini.

You can forget about chrome and holdfast here in Geneva, because this is where its at…Owe Accessoire Urban. The finest products for the fixed gear movement here in Geneva. You really can’t get more local than this, right here in Geneva are the headquarters for OAU. Another thing to remember is that these products are all handcrafted and designed by one man, Ludovic Bourrilly. His style is undoubtedly unique and fresh, he cleverly builds his ideas for the demand for a ideal ‘fixed gear bag’ and perfect ‘fixed gear strap’, which can be personalized to ones own content. Ludovic is also an expert in the customization of frames and wheels, he has the skills to lace up any wheel, to any pattern and spray up any tone of color you wish. Make sure you check out his new blog and if your a local and ride fixed be sure to hook yourself up with a pair of his straps!

Fresh Straps.

Proto Back Pack, there will be two sizes to choose from and around 15 different colors to suit your fancy!

Pimpin frame color.


Fast & La Marche

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For more photos of Tony Fast’s and Tom La Marche’s stay in London, check out shots from Andy on the fixedgearlondon flickr.

The best bagels in the whole of London!

Via: 14bikeco

UK Hip Hop

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UK Hip Hop at the one and only Usine Zoo with Foreign Beggars, True Ingredients ft. Blurum 13 and Woody Mandea. This Friday, doors open at 23hrs, 15 CHF! Don’t miss out! Keep up to date for posts on more events at Usine Zoo, which usually range from Hip Hop, DnB, Dubstep to Electro.


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Tyler Johnson getting some nice big air in the new skate park at the Seattle Center. Photo taken by Zach Hoffner, head over to the Zlogblog for more and also check out his flickr!

Make sure you pick up one of their new winter tees, these will sell fasttt. Head over to their boutique to bag one, I know I did!


Via: zlogblog

USA hits London

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Yes! These bois are in London chillin with 14 bike co. Make sure you check out Tom’s daily diary update about the trip over at charge bikes and for some pics hit up his flickr!

If your in London on the 14th of Feb make sure you attend the 14 bike co. one year anniversary party! There will be lots going on, some prizes to give out and of course a trick comp…heads up La Marche is in town!


Via: 14bikeco.